Gas Leak Detection


Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks, if undetected and unnoticed, can quickly become fatal. If you hear hissing or smell rotten eggs, it’s likely that there’s a leak of some kind. Evacuate the home, inform the authorities and call our emergency gas leak detection service.

The leaks are not only incredibly dangerous, but they’re also disruptive due to various factors, including odors, interrupted and depleting supplies, and incredibly high gas and energy bills without consumption. Keep your property and family safe from gas-related hazards by availing our gas leak detection services in Rowlett and Rockwall, TX.

It’s difficult for anyone to know the full extent of the leak without professional evaluation, but here are some telltale signs of a gas leak:

  • You feel dizzy at home
  • You’re having frequent headaches
  • You experience nausea
  • You feel shortness of breath
  • You fall unconscious

It’s especially important to note if other household members experience these symptoms too, or the symptoms only seem to appear when you’re at home.

Other than natural gas leaks, Carbon Monoxide leaks are also incredibly dangerous—especially because they tend to be odorless. Look out for the following indicators of this type of leak:

Weak yellow/orange flames from your stove

  • Tarnished appliances or residue left behind
  • The pilot burner goes out frequently
  • Windows in the home seem to get foggy and condensed

The safest thing you can do is to have your appliances and fixtures evaluated regularly by a professional and ensure that they’re functional.

Thanks to modern technology and tools, it’s significantly easy to identify the source of the leak, which is why we recommend regular evaluations.

Please schedule maintenance checks or emergency detections if you notice any of the above.


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