Water Leak Repairs in Rockwall and Rowlett, TX


Leak Repairs Services in Rockwall and Rowlett

Leak repairs tend to be easy to pick up on because you’re likely to hear dripping, see pools or water stains, or notice lower water pressure.

However, when these leaks are underground or hidden behind walls and other surfaces, it’s harder to pick up on them, especially without professional tools and equipment. Contact us for fast and reliable water leak repairs in Rockwall, TX right away!

These are some of the indicators of a water leak or issue with your plumbing system. You can do the following to evaluate on your own:

  • Look out for a constantly spinning meter
  • Observe this by not using water at all for a period of time, including flushing.
  • If the reading on your meter is different, you have a leak.

If you notice this happening, get in touch with us for our leak repair services. Here’s what we can do for you:

Pipe leak repairs

Pipe leaks are some of the most common, especially as the joints in your pipes wear away over time. They become loose, get damaged, and eventually need to be replaced or repaired.

If left undetected or unaddressed, these leaks lead to water damage to your walls, flooring, ceilings, and eventually mold formation.

Toilet repairs

Old, worn-down toilet flappers are the biggest culprit for toilet leaks. Repeated flushing, poor water pressure, and low water levels are all indicators of these leaks. Our experienced Rockwall plumbers can replace your old flappers and toilet seals at the base.

Showerhead repairs

Another issue that occurs when joints get loose is leaky showerheads. We can use special tape to secure these leaks and repair your shower head or recommend replacements for the seal or head.

Water heater repairs

A water heater leak needs to be carefully looked at to identify the source of the leak. The issue can be within the lines connected to the tank or within the tank itself. For the latter, a replacement might be necessary.

Faucet leak repairs

Sick of constant leaking and dripping? Hate the sound of water dripping against your sink bowl? A worn-down washer or seal might be the culprit. Get in touch with us to have your faucet checked out.


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