Sewer Line Repairs

Sewer Line Repairs

Sewer lines can cause a lot of issues such as clogging, leaks, and spills. They may even lead to clogging and damage to your home’s toilets or sinks.

Sewer lines may get damaged as a result of getting offset, due to cracks and wear and tear, or being broken under pressure. They may even shift and move out of place, as soil moves, new construction takes place and so on.

Entrust our sewer line repair and replacement services in Rockwall and Rowlett, TX.

Some of the most common causes that affect sewer lines are:

  • Blockages due to debris, dirt, and various types of buildup such as soap and grease, which hinder continual flow and cause sewage to seep into your pipes
  • Pipes tend to corrode and wear down over time which means they’ll require replacement. Normal flow is difficult to maintain with corrosion because it causes sewage to leak and seep into the ground and other water supplies
  • The condition of the soil may also cause pipes to sink into the ground, which is the result of sewage collecting and festering
  • Loose and leaking pipe joints are another common cause of sewer line leaks and damage—leading water to flow into your main water line or ground.
  • Roots also grow into pipes and sewer lines which is another major cause for concern. They break into pipes, push into fittings, and cause leaks


If you notice pungent odors, a suspiciously dirty water supply, or any other issues, get in touch with our plumbers in Rockwall today.

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