Slab Leak Detection

Slab Leak Detection

Slab leaks aren’t as evident as other types of leaks because they’re usually underneath (and behind) the surface. There are a few signs and indicators; however, keep an eye out on to identify whether there is a leak or not:

  • There’s moisture buildup and mold that affects your spaces
  • There are warm spots and areas on your floors
  • Your foundation also seems damp, spotty, and soggy
  • There always seems to be the sound of water running and flowing
  • Water bills are outrageously high, and your consumption hasn’t changed
  • The water meter continues to move even when nothing is being used

Our professional slab leak repair services are available for all Rowlett and Rockwall, TX residents.

There are several ways to prevent slab leaks and other damage to your water systems and plumbing, especially with professional guidance.

Here’s what you can and should do routinely:

  • Never delay fixing plumbing issues and problems because delays lead to problems getting worse
  • Schedule routine and regular plumbing checkups and maintenance to look for leaks and issues in your plumbing system
  • Keep a record of your water bill and look out for extraordinary changes to the amount, comparing the rate and usage with the bill
  • Damaged, cracking, and bloating flooring should also be examined carefully to look for water damage

Your foundation may require repairs along with these slabs. A slab leak will progressively get worse with time, especially if left unaddressed.

Get in touch with us to get complete slab leak detection by a professional from our company.


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